About Us

Hi Everyone!

Thank you SO much for stopping in!

My name is Shelby Lovelace, owner of The Good Babes Co. I am 27, from central Texas. I graduated from Texas A&M University in 2015 with an Animal Science degree, but wound up in the IT and Fashion industry; funny how things work.

 In my spare time I enjoy starting young horses, run barrels and rope on the side. I have a very funny farm with my amazing husband; Horses , chickens, brahman cattle that will literally knock you over for cubes, fallow and axis exotic deer, 4 dogs and about to buy a mini pony, but don't tell my husband about that last one... Our other hobbies include eating chips and salsa and drinking margaritas...wait that's a hobby right?

I worked in corporate as an inside sales account manager for Dell Computers for 4 years selling to the United States Navy, but quickly realized that was not the industry for me and I needed to find something I was passionate about to not only make a difference in my life but others also.

This boutique started as a poor college kid who couldn't find a job.. no really.. I started by painting and selling canvas's and bull skulls to pay rent in college. I slowly started investing my money in clothes and decided to start the boutique. I've always loved fashion but couldn't afford the high prices, so I thought, let me try my own store and bring people prices that they can actually afford and still look and feel sassy as ever. I absolutely love my customers and LOVE when people come to me to style them. Styling and planning photoshoots are by far my favorite things. 

I am inspired and motivated by always knowing there is more out there, and if you try as hard as you can (as tiring as it can be sometimes) good things will always, ALWAYS come out of it. If I could leave you with anything else, it would be, Dress up, Show up, Be Real, Be Humble, Be Kind.

If we had one thing that we could accomplish with this business, we hope that our clothing could help give confidence and maybe brighten your day in just the slightest way.

XoXo Shelby -