Couples Photoshoot Pose Ideas

1. Movement- Neither of you have to be a pro at taking photos, movement looks and feels natural and adds such great character to photos! 

  • Try walking towards the camera holding hands. If you have fur or real babies, this is a fun time to add them in 🥰

  • Try pulling your significant other away from the camera for a fun and flirty look!

2. Hugging - Another easy way to make your photos look so sweet & loving (even if you’re not feeling it that day 🤣) 

  • Over the back Hug 

  • Prom Pose! 😜 In all seriousness it turns out so cute… For an extra touch, reach back and rest fingers on cheek, or put hand in hair. For the guys, have them kiss your head or pretend like they’re “smelling your hair”! 

3. Hold his arm - Another super easy but very intimate looking pose 💖

We hope you loved these few pose ideas and tag us in your best golden hour shoots ✨

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